Headlines – August 11/17

  • Trump warns N.Korea that the US military is ‘locked and loaded’. Read story
  • North Korea warns it could ‘reduce the US mainland to ashes at any moment’. Read story
  • The time is running out to avoid war with North Korea. Read story
  • China warns the US: “We will prevent a North Korea regime change”, Read story
  • Snap shares hit record low as user growth miss unnerves investors. Read story
  • Jim Rogers sees ‘biggest crisis in my lifetime’ coming soon. Read story
  • After long drought, bear market funds attract buyers. Read story
  • Corporate America is posting the biggest profits in 13 years. Read story
  • GOP debates retroactive tax cuts. Read story
  • Modest rise in US consumer prices may delay Fed rate hike. Read story
  • Obama to reemerge in ‘delicate dance’ with Dems. Read story
  • 16-year old running for Governor in Kansas. Read story
  • Humans and robots are on the cusp of a sexual intimacy we may never reverse. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!