Headlines – October 10/17

  • Politics in focus as Spanish stocks, dollar drop. Read story
  • Spanish police set to arrest Catalan leader if he declares independence. Read story
  • Desperate OPEC asks US shale to curb production. Read story
  • Bitcoin flash crashes on Russia ‘Ban’ headline. Read story
  • Trump-Corker feud imperils already delicate tax push. Read story
  • Wal-Mart launches $20 billion buy-back plan. Read story
  • Trump proposes IQ test with Tillerson to find out who is real real moron. Read story
  • Tesla Model 3 issues could delay or kill its ‘iPhone moment.’ Read story
  • Germany has more industrial robots than US, but they haven’t caused job losses. Read story
  • IMF boosts outlook for global growth, with UK as “notable exception.” Read story
  • BAE Systems to cut almost 2,000 jobs. Read story
  • Hacking is inevitable,so it is time to assume our data will be stolen. Read story
  • Brain drain Index: Smartest Americans are heading West. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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