Headlines – November 13/17

  • Stock indexes on track to extend last week’s pullback. Read story
  • World’s top tech giant amass $1.7 trillion in monster year. Read story
  • GE cuts dividend by half, slashes profit goals. Read story
  • Oil trades near $57 as OPEC signals rebalancing could speed up. Read story
  • Pound slides as British government faces turmoil. Read story
  • Bitcoin jumps 10% to above $6400, recovering from weekend crash. Read story
  • Tesla’s junk bonds are trading under water and could spell trouble for Musk. Read story
  • Trump says he has ‘great relationships’ with Duterte. Read story
  • ‘Priced-to-perfection’ European stocks show signs of exhaustion. Read story
  • Is it time for investors to leave the party after the latest bond market wobbles? Read story
  • Qualcomm rejects Broadcom’s $103 billion takeover bid. Read story
  • While attendance continues to decline, NFL commissioner is asking for $49.5 million, plus lifetime use of private jet. Read story
  • Floating cities no longer science fiction, begin to take shape. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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