Headlines – November 16/17

  • House GOP set for big tax win. Read story
  • Europe’s longest stock sell-off of the year abates. Read story
  • Russia and Venezuela agree to debt deal. Read story
  • Mortgage rates spike to four-month high as tax reform drives bond sell-off. Read story
  • The world’s biggest wealth funds wants out of oil and gas. Read story
  • US jobless claims jump to 6-week high. Read story
  • ECB warns banks against Brexit ’empty shells’. Read story
  • Fisker has filed patents for solid-state batteries. Read story
  • Dr AI: Stanford trained AI to diagnose pneumonia better than a radiologist in just 2-months. Read story
  • Leonard da Vinci’s “Salvador Mundi” sell for $450.3 million, shattering auction highs. Read story
  • China builds fastest wind tunnel to test weapons that could strike the US in 14 minutes. Read story
  • Will Virgin’s latest venture have the cruise industry seeing green.? Read story
  • The most important skill for 21st-century students is the discipline to say ‘no’. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!