Headlines – November 27/17

  • S&P set for near record: Cyber Monday has retailers in spotlight. Read story
  • Cyber Monday showdown: Wall-Mart closes in on Amazon in online price war. Read story
  • Cyber Monday poised for record as retail focus turns to online. Read story
  • Tech trouble knock stocks, Bitcoin eyes $10,000. Read story
  • Oil slips from highest in two years before OPEC meets. Read story
  • OPEC’s clash with US oil is nearing its day of reckoning. Read story
  • US household debt surged by $605 billion this year. Read story
  • Chinese stocks drop again’ Samsung, Taiwan semi hit by downgrades. Read story
  • ISIS latest threat to Vatican. Read story
  • ‘What’s the f***ing point?’ John McCain tells Hilary to move on. Read story
  • You can now buy a house using Bitcoin.Here’s how. Read story
  • Here’s where GOP tax plan sits right now. Read story
  • Russian diplomat warns of ‘apocalyptic scenario’ on Korean peninsula possible. Read story
  • Ending NAFTA would hurt growth, competitiveness of United States and Canada. Report. Read story
  • Bitcoin is breaking through symbolic price barriers every few weeks. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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