Headlines – January 9/18

  • Japan’s Nikkei stock index hit 26-year high. Read story
  • Microsoft halts some AMD patches after PCs freeze. Read story
  • Indian banks are choking bitcoin exchanges by blocking payments and withdrawals. Read story
  • Intel CEO comments indicate chip issue may cause bigger slowdown. Read story
  • Signs of euphoria are so high investors are having a ‘tough time imagining a decline.’ Read story
  • Highly classified US spy satellite appears to be total loss after SpaceX launch. Read story
  • Mike Novogratz wants to build the Goldman of Crypto. Read story
  • ‘We’re not Trump’ isn’t enough for Democrats to win votes. Read story
  • Americans owe more, save less, and are poorer than in decades. Read story
  • North Korea strikes deal to join Winter Olympics, commits to military talks. Read story
  • Toyota sees food trucks as future for retail, and Amazon is in. Read story
  • Wolf: If probe goes near Trump finances, ‘he’s sunk.’ Read story
  • You’re better off buying than renting in these US cities. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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