Headlines – January 12/18

  • S&P, Dow open higher as bank shares rise. Read story
  • Trump questions taking immigrants from ‘shithole’ countries’. Read story
  • Corporations may dodge billions in US taxes through new loophole. Read story
  • Why blockchain and ‘cashlessness’ are among the biggest trends HSBC sees this year. Read story
  • Breakthrough in German coalition talks. Read story
  • What every cannabis investor should be paranoid about. Read story
  • Pew: US media bias worst in the world. Read story
  • JP Morgan lost $143 million last quarter on a loan to a single client. Read story
  • GM will launch robocars without steering wheels in 2019. Read story
  • Facebook reveals big changes that will put friends ahead of business. Read story
  • Furious protesters burn EU flag as Juncker visits Sofia. Read story
  • Price Waterhouse banned from India. Read story
  • Spain surpasses US as tourist destination in 2017. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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