Headlines – February 5/18

  • Stocks resume Friday’s sell-off. Read story
  • US market meltdown spreading across Europe and Asia. Read story
  • Bitcoin falls to fresh 2.5 month low. Read story
  • Oil reaches one-month low. Read story
  • Super Bowl rating slip to 8-year low as Eagles score historic win. Read story
  • Mass riots erupt in Philadelphia as fans celebrate Eagle Super Bowl victory. Read story
  • Super Bowl commercial blackout: NBC denies it cost them millions. Read story
  • Broadcom sweetens deal for Qualcom to more that $121 billion. Read story
  • Wells Fargo says impact from Fed sanctions may reach $400 million. Read story
  • A decade after recession, a jump in US states with wage gains. Read story
  • Samsung heir freed from prison. Read story
  • Can Elon Musk disrupt deep space with world’s most powerful rocket? Read story
  • Can boxed water compete with bottled water? Read story 
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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