Dow +567 after wild intra-day swings

After an historical 1,175 tumble on Monday, the Dow rebounded today, closing 567.02 points higher. It wasn’t pretty as at its session low the Dow was down by 567.01 points. From the session low to session high, we saw a range of 1,167.49. The Dow ended the day up 2.33%


The S&P 500 was a similar story, trading up 46.20 pts or 1.74%


After the huge 115% spike in volatility on Monday to a “fearful” reading, sentiment dropped down to just below 30, which suggests investors are still nervous.


Even the extremely oversold Canadian TSX saw a slight reprieve.


Earlier in the day, China reacted to the previous day’s record tumble in North America, with the Shanghai Index closing down 3.35%.


The German market followed China, reacting to the previous North American record low on Monday, with the DAX Index closing 2.32% lower.


The US dollar continued to gain strength.


With US stocks rising, capital moved out of bonds, pushing the yield of the 10-year bond up slightly.


With the US dollar rising, gold pulled back $7.00 to close the session at $1329.50.


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