Headlines – February 6/18

  • After opening down 500 pts, the Dow moved up 350, now back negative. Read story
  • European shares tumble in new sell-off. Read story
  • Global sell-off runs to $4 trillion. Read story
  • Bond bears smell blood, others claw for buying opportunities. Read story
  • Cryptocurrency hearing will have SEC, CFTC chiefs trying to juggle allowing innovation with protection against fraud. Read story
  • Bitcoin falls; half its value lost in 2018. Read story
  • China to block foreign websites dedicated to crypto trading. Read story
  • Merkel ready for ‘painful compromises’ with coalition deal in sight. Read story
  • US trade deficit widens to $53.1 billion. Read story
  • US Inspector General poised to reignite war over FBI’s Clinton case. Read story
  • 5 hottest work-from-home jobs that don’t require previous experience. Read story
  • In China, the data your car collects about you is for sale. Read story
  • Justin Trudeau interrupts woman. tells her to say ‘peoplekind.’ Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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