February 13/18

  • Dow opens 160 points lower, as stock market threatens to halt 2-day climb. Read story
  • ‘Risks of recession’ are rising, says head of world’s largest hedge fund. Read story
  • Kim Jong-un hails ‘warmth’ with South, calls for further reconciliation. Read story
  • VIX manipulation costs investors billions, whistle-blower says. Read story
  • Virtually no one is reporting crypotocurrency profits to IRS. Read story
  • US to push ‘reciprocal tax’ on trade partners: Trump. Read story
  • Tax-haven firm owns 23,000 UK properties. Read story
  • South Africa’s ruling party has finally fired president Jacob Zuma, and yet he hangs on. Read story
  • New York Times CEO admits print facing expiration date. Read story
  • Remington is planning to file for bankruptcy. Read story
  • US strikes kill hundreds of Russian fighters in Syria. Read story
  • Baltimore is at 11 days without a homicide – longest streak since 2005. Read story
  • South Korea’s ‘penis park’ draws Olympic crowd. Read story
  • Egypt’s former anti-graft chief taken to military prosecutor, family says. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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