Headlines – March 8/18

  • Trump to offer temporary tariff exemption for Canada and Mexico. Read story
  • Steel tariffs are nothing compared to the looming war over intellectual property theft with China. Read story
  • Eleven nations, but not the US, to signTrans-Pacific trade deal. Read story
  • US is calling for $100 billion reduction in bilateral trade gap with China. Read story
  • Crypto bull John McAfee says SEC is striking out ‘in panic’ at digital currencies. Read story
  • Documents show FBI paid Best Buy’s Geek Squad staff to turn over customer data. Read story
  • ECB drops pledge to increase bond buying if needed, another step to reduce stimulus. Read story
  • Silvio Berlusconi, not the kingpin after Italy election, backs League party. Read story
  • Italy’s first black senator: my election shows far right party in not anti-immigration. Read story
  • The Billionaires: Meet the members of the Three-Comma Club. Read story
  • Nerve gas attempted murder of Russian spy was “brazen and reckless attack.” Read story
  • Bitcoin’s famed “Tokyo Whale’ says he sold $400 million and he’s not done yet. Read story
  • Samsung’s new TVs are almost invisible. Read story
  • Amazon working to fix Alexa after complaints of random ‘creepy’ laughter. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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