Headlines – March 23/18

  • Trump threatens to ‘VETO’ massive $1.3 trillion spending bill, which would push government into shutdown. Read story
  • French hostage crisis: ‘Two dead’ in Trebes supermarket. Read story
  • Gold rallies as investors seek shelter from global trade tensions. Read story
  • Asian shares tumble on trade war fears. Read story
  • EU complains of Trump’s ‘gun to our head’ over tariffs. Read story
  • Trump appoints hawkish new security chief. Read story
  • McMaster is out – here is a list of the Trump administration casualties so far. Read story
  • Music industry sees fastest growth in more than 20 year. Read story
  • State and local sales, income and property taxes all at record highs. Read story
  • Japan loses out amid China trade threat that shakes markets. Read story
  • Canadian Senate passes bill to legalize recreational marijuana. Read story
  • Trump’s crackdown on Chinese imports is on firmer ground than many of his other trade complaints. Read story
  • Canadian inflation rate accelerates to 2.2%, beyond BoC target. Read story
  • Inside Jeff Bezos’s private conference for a new ‘golden age.’ Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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