Headlines – March 29/18

  • Treasury yields extend slide ahead of jobless claims, inflation data. Read story
  • US jobless claims drop to lowest level since January 1973. Read story
  • The robots are killing Tesla. Read story
  • Canadian GDP expectantly falls in January as housing chill sets in. Read story
  • Trump attacks Amazon for paying ‘little or no taxes.’ Read story
  • Kim Jung Un became a regional power overnight by saying a single, meaningless word to Trump. Read story
  • North and South Korea leaders to meet for historic summit on April 27. Read story
  • Facebook to limit information it shares with data brokers. Read story
  • How data mining giant got me wrong. Read story
  • VW to buy back cars hit by German city diesel bans. Read story
  • The latest Apple Watch is a perfect example of why you should never buy a first generation Apple product. Read story
  • How Beijing is wining in the South China Sea. Read story
  • Analyst who left Fox  over ‘propaganda’ now takes aim at CNN, MSNBC. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

Stay tuned!