Headlines – April 9/18

  • Syria and Russia blame Israel for missile strike on Syrian air base – and Israel isn’t denying it. Read story
  • Trump warns ‘big price to pay’ by Assad and allies after suspected chemical attack in Syria. Read story
  • Russia’s stocks and currency in biggest one-day tumble as US sanctions bite. Read story
  • China is studying Yuan devaluation as a tool in trade war. Read story
  • North Korea tells US it is prepared to discuss denuclearization. Read story
  • India’s political parties have mined voters’ psychographic data for years. Read story
  • Siting regional politics, Kinder Morgan backs away from Trans Mountain project. Read story
  • Hungary’s strongman Orban wins 3rd term in power. Read story
  • Mark Cuban: ‘I hate gold’. Read story
  • What US post office really gets from Amazon. Read story
  • 15 other US presidents who were caught in salacious sex scandals before Trump’s Stormy Daniels saga. Read story
  • Russian hooligans warn English fans to ‘prepare to die’ ahead of World Cup. Read story
  • Watch for these things in real estate in the next 3 months. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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