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Headlines – March 31/17

Wall St slips as investors lock in gains of strong quarter. Read story Inflation hits Fed target for first time in nearly five years. Read story Euro-area inflation cools more than predicted on oil, food. Reads story Thanks to US Senate vote, your ISP can now sell your entire browsing history to literally anyone without […]

Foreign institutions are dumping US bonds

As the 2008 financial crisis hit, the US Treasury Department issued massive amounts of debt in the form of US Treasury bonds to cover massive deficits, and to try to stimulate the economy. As we can see on the following chart, on August 20/08 the US Federal Reserve (Fed) owned just under $900 billion in […]

Is air leaking out of the balloon?

In the November election, once the markets digested a Trump victory it liked what it was hearing, and from that election day till the end of February the S&P 500 has jumped almost 15%. A 15% rise in under four months is impressive. The market priced in a ‘deal maker’ president, and loved the idea […]

Market Musings – March 15/17

1. Inflation  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that Consumer Price Index (CPI) jumped 0.1% in February. Even though this was the smallest month-over-month increase since the summer, prices are now rising at a 2.7% annualized rate. 2. Bonds With inflation rising at an annualized rate of 2.7%, the US Federal Reserve did the […]

Headlines – March 15/17

Fed expected to raise rates as US economy flexes muscle. Read story US stocks, oil rise as dollar slips before Fed. Read story Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005. Read story Dutch vote in test of anti-immigrant sentiment in Europe. Read story Early voter turnout high in Netherlands elections. Read story Does Saudi […]

Headlines – March 13/17

Wall St flat as investors prepare for potential rate hike. Read story Oil touches three-month lows, as US supply swells. Read story Intel makes $15 billion bet on driverless cars. Read story Wall St has found its next big short. Read story Central banks are taking off the market’s training wheels. Read story Brexit prompts […]