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Visa says you can buy almost anything, except crypto currencies

The news this week is that several banks in the USA and the UK have banned the use of credit cards to purchase crypto currencies (CC’s).  The stated reasons are impossible to believe – like trying to curtail money laundering, gambling, and protecting the retail investor from excessive risk.  Interestingly, the banks will allow debit […]

Headlines – February 8/18

Wall St falls as investors remain on edge. Read story Bulls vs bears: taking sides on the stock market. Read story Broader cryptocurrency ahead? Depends where you are. Read story 32% of Canadians nearing retirement with no savings: Poll. Reads story If you’re freaking out about the stock market, remember why you invested in the […]

Headlines – February 7/18

More stock market turbulence. Read story Forget the stock market roller-coaster, the sell-off in bonds is what matters. Read story Cryptocurrency price surge: Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum all rising as markets recover. Read story XIV trader: ‘I’ve lost $4 million, 3 years of work and other people’s money. Read story Icahn: The market will one […]

Dow +567 after wild intra-day swings

After an historical 1,175 tumble on Monday, the Dow rebounded today, closing 567.02 points higher. It wasn’t pretty as at its session low the Dow was down by 567.01 points. From the session low to session high, we saw a range of 1,167.49. The Dow ended the day up 2.33% The S&P 500 was a similar story, trading […]

Headlines – February 6/18

After opening down 500 pts, the Dow moved up 350, now back negative. Read story European shares tumble in new sell-off. Read story Global sell-off runs to $4 trillion. Read story Bond bears smell blood, others claw for buying opportunities. Read story Cryptocurrency hearing will have SEC, CFTC chiefs trying to juggle allowing innovation with protection […]

Record market sell-off

As we have been anticipating, global markets started to correct last week, and that downturn gained strong momentum in today’s historic sell-off. Fortunately for subscribers to The Trend Letter and Trend Technical Trader (TTT), both services had strategies in place to deal with this correction. In fact, while the Dow saw its biggest single-day decline in history, two of […]

Headlines – February 5/18

Stocks resume Friday’s sell-off. Read story US market meltdown spreading across Europe and Asia. Read story Bitcoin falls to fresh 2.5 month low. Read story Oil reaches one-month low. Read story Super Bowl rating slip to 8-year low as Eagles score historic win. Read story Mass riots erupt in Philadelphia as fans celebrate Eagle Super […]

36 major industries heavily investing in blockchain

For 2018, the markets started off in a mostly positive direction, and have now started heading in reverse.  A correction is overdue, as discussed in recent editions of The Trend Letter.  The Dow plunged over 665 points, posting the steepest weekly decline in over two years.  As mainstream markets decline, investors immediately start re-assessing their […]

Headlines – February 2/18

Dow Industrials set for 730-point weekly drop, worst weekly drop in 2-years. Read story US adds 200,000 jobs with wage growth fastest in more than 8 years. Read story US 10-year yield jumps to 2.85%, a 4-year high. Read story Bitcoin set for worst week since 2013  as crypto sell-off intensifies. Read story Alibaba sales […]