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9 year old writes a love letter & is now threatened with harassment charge

Do you think that maybe, just maybe, the degree of political correctness has now reached an absurd level? In Hillsborough County, a nine year old child has been threatened with sexual harassment charges for writing a love letter to his classmate. In the letter he described how his classmate’s eyes “sparkle like diamonds.” It also notes how the boy finds […]

A chart you need to see!

As they say a picture is worth a thousands words. Below is a chart comparing the S&P 500 today to 2011. As we can see, today it is tracking 2011, almost in lock step. This suggests that the current pull back in the  S&P will extend further.

Headlines – Nov 13/15

Wall St opens lower on weak retail data; Cisco drag. Read story European stocks hammered after commodity rout.  Read story Euro area growth misses estimates as ECB ponders more stimulus. Read story Massive 3 billion barrel glut in Oil supplies to deepen price rout. Read story VW brand sales fall 5.3% in first full month […]

Is this the bottom for Oil?

In our December 17, 2014 issue of Market Musings we stated that fundamentally, we would not see a significant rise in oil prices until we got a correction in the supply/demand ratio. The latest data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) shows that OPEC is now winning the market share war as US production is […]

The next shoe to drop

In 2014, when we forecast that the US dollar would appreciate to levels that the masses could not fathom, many thought we were nuts.  How could we make such a prediction when at the same time, we were highlighting the massive, unsustainable US debt situation? And it wasn’t just that the US was in a […]

Headlines – Nov 11/15

Global shares shrug off mixed China data, copper teeters near 6 year low. Read story AB InBev launches SAB bid, agrees to sell MillerCooors stake. Read story  Hayes to broker: UBS management ordered staff to lowball LIBOR. Read story ECB shortens transition time for bank capital exemptions. Read story Alibaba says ‘Singles’s Day’ sales surpass […]

Headlines – Nov 5/15

Carney signals BOE rate can stay low as China drags. Read story Fed jolts market to prime them for December lift off. Read story EU set for ‘modest’ recovery. Read story US jobless claims rise; 3rd Qtr productivity posts surprise gain. Read story China’s bull market. Read story Britain says Islamic State likely brought down […]

Musings: Euro, S&P 500 & Gold

Q. You have been very negative on the future of the Euro, yet I keep reading where Merkel and company will never let the Euro collapse. What makes you so sure of the Euro’s demise? A. The Euro is doomed for a number of reasons, all of which we have chronicled many times in issues […]

Headlines – Nov 3/15

• How Chinese send billions abroad to buy real estate. Read story • Weak bank results lead Euro stocks lower. Read story • Nikkei tumbles on fresh China worries. Read story • US auto industry headed for record sales in 2015: GM. Read story • Oil climbs to 2 week high, amid signs refinery demand […]