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Negative rates, the dangerous experiment

For over two years now we have been warning that low interest rates were going to have a serious effect on savers. We have also highlighted many times how low interest rates would crush Pension Funds, as these funds need annual returns of 6%-8% to meet their future obligations. We recently published a blog on how […]

Bernie made less in year than Hilary made in single speech

While Bernie Sanders reportedly earned just over $200,000 in 2014, Hilary Clinton, Sanders’s main Democratic rival, earned more than $200,000 per speech, in 42 paid speeches she made in that same year (Note: she made 5 other speeches in 2014, but only made between $100,000 – $150,000 per).  Most of those speeches were less than an […]

The $78 Trillion Problem

$78 trillion is a massive number, & according to Citigroup, that is the amount of unfunded pension liabilities incurred by the richest 20 countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD). These countries include the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, & central Europe, among others. The report also noted that most […]

How to survive the coming crisis

We are getting many questions from readers on how do we as individuals survive this coming period of incredible change. It used to be that people would work hard, save their money, and then when they retire, they could live off their savings. Today, seniors can no longer simply live off their savings, with record […]

John Oliver explains why Apple needs to maintain its encryption—to stay “one step ahead” of hackers

As figures in technology and politics weigh in on the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s iPhone encryption battle with Apple, the comedian John Oliver has now joined the fray. In his show on Sunday (Mar. 13), Oliver backs the tech company’s resistance to government efforts to compel it to unlock an encrypted iPhone belonging to a […]

Keep an Eye on the Gold/Silver ratio

The precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, & palladium) have all started the year with a bang. But investors going all in here need to be careful. Yes, this has been a great rally, & yes it MAY be the start of the  next bull market, but our models that have accurately forecasted every major trend […]

What would negative rates mean for you?

It used to be that you worked hard, saved your money, and then when you retired, you lived off the interest of your savings. Today, global central bankers are changing the landscape, where already in 15 countries, the term negative interest rates is a reality. Japan is the latest country to do this, following Europe, […]

The real reason central banks want to eliminate cash

First we had ECB president Mario Draghi announce he is seriously considering eliminating the €500 note, & today we have former US treasury secretary Larry Summers lobbying to eliminate the $100. Both of them use the ‘terrorist’ angle as justification, saying that the only users of high denominated currency are terrorists, & criminals. But this move […]