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Shareholders wiped out after Spanish bank failure

For over a year now we have been warning that many large Euro banks are in serious financial trouble. This week, after burning €3.6 bln ($4 bln) of emergency central bank funding in the first two days of the week, Spain’s Banco Popular suffered the eurozone’s first large-scale bank run. A steady stream of deposit […]

Was today the start of the Trump dump?

With this being such a critical time for the US and global economies, the US voted in Donald Trump, a candidate who was a non-politician, who represented change. Trump was elected with a platform of tax and regulatory cuts, and infrastructure spending. He also promised to “drain the swamp” and remove the corruption and lobbying […]

Subprime auto debt crisis coming?

In 2016 US auto makers sold more cars than ever before, with many of the mainstream media hailing this as clear evidence of rising consumer confidence. But it was not just auto sales that revved higher, so too did auto loans. US auto buyers racked up $1.2 trillion in auto loans last year, an increase […]


Wall St opens higher as government shutdown averted. Read story Oil falls as drillers boost rigs and Libya expands output. Read story Biggest gold ETF just saw largest outflows on record. Read story Fed’s cut in bond holdings may be messier than Yellen hopes. Read story French election: Macron says EU must reform or face […]


US first quarter growth at 0.7%, weakest in three years as consumer spending falters. Read story Canada’s economy stalls as factory decline offsets housing. Read story Eurozone inflation picks up to 1.9%. Read story Oil rebounds from one-month low on hopes for OPEC output cut extension. Read story Trump: ‘Major, major’ conflict with North Korea […]

Speculators are extremely bullish on silver, what does it mean?

There are many factors that affect the precious metal prices. There are basic supply and demand factors, such as demand for jewelry, electronic, and medical devices. Precious metals are also investments, often acting as a hedge against geopolitical events and a loss of confidence in government. Precious metal prices, like most commodities prices are also affected […]

Is a pro-EU vote a good thing?

France had the first round of its presidential election yesterday, and in order for a candidate to win, they would have had to receive over 50% of the votes.  If no candidates gets more than 50% of the votes, then the top two candidates move on to a run-off election on May 7th. No candidate […]