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Headlines – March 29/18

Treasury yields extend slide ahead of jobless claims, inflation data. Read story US jobless claims drop to lowest level since January 1973. Read story The robots are killing Tesla. Read story Canadian GDP expectantly falls in January as housing chill sets in. Read story Trump attacks Amazon for paying ‘little or no taxes.’ Read story […]

Headlines – March 28/18

Kim Jong Un’s secret trip to China was full of gourmet food, wine, and music – take a look inside the lavish visit. Read story China says Kim Jong Un has pledged to denuclearize Korea. Read story Gold heads for back-to-back losses as dollar, stocks point higher. Read story Higher Mexican auto wages the centrepiece […]

Stock market approaching key support level

In early February the S&P 500 tested its 150-DMA (black circle red line) and then rallied off that support level. Last week the S&P 500 tested its 200-DMA (black circle on blue line) and bounced off that support level. Today, after Monday’s big rally, the S&P gave up much of those gains, and is again […]

Headlines – March 27/18

Deutsche Bank seeks new CEO as it runs out of quick fixes. Read story The Dow and S&P 500 have already doubled the number of 1% moves seen in all of 2017. Read story A practical guide to how blockchain could end corruption in South Africa. Read story The US needs to borrow $300 billion […]

Headlines – March 26/18

World stocks bounce on report of US-China trade talks. Read story Mnuchin ‘cautiously hopeful’  US can reach trade deal with China. Read story US is expelling 60 Russian diplomats in solidarity with Britain over nerve agent attack. Read story Stormy Daniels describes her alleged affair with Donald Trump. Read story Facebook scraped calls, text message […]

Will crypto currency ever be stable?

Investors in crypto currency (CC) are a brave bunch, and are still relatively few in number.  CC investor reluctance is based on several fears and misgivings, such as: extreme volatility unknown or unfavourable tax treatment by governments tenuous legality imposed by governments complex access to, & use of, brokerages for CC transactions complexity & lack […]

Big down day as stocks lose another 2%

Let’s look at the volatility in the equity markets. The following chart shows the VIX Volatility Index. With the VIX Volatility Index a reading of under 20 indicates that investors are ‘complacent’, meaning a ‘risk-on’ sentiment, while a reading over 30 indicates investors are ‘fearful’ with a ‘risk-off’ sentiment. In the last couple of days the VIX has jumped […]

Headlines – March 23/18

Trump threatens to ‘VETO’ massive $1.3 trillion spending bill, which would push government into shutdown. Read story French hostage crisis: ‘Two dead’ in Trebes supermarket. Read story Gold rallies as investors seek shelter from global trade tensions. Read story Asian shares tumble on trade war fears. Read story EU complains of Trump’s ‘gun to our […]

Market update – Trade war reality

Trade war fears became reality as Trump did the expected and placed up to $60 billion in tariffs directed at China imports. China responded, saying “if a trade war were initiated by the US“, which is exactly what Trump did, “China would fight to the end to defend its own legitimate interests with all necessary measures.” […]

Headlines – March 22/18

10-year Treasury yield drops most in 6 months as investors rush to bonds for safety. Read story US congress announces massive $1.3 trillion plan to avoid government shutdown. Read story Mark Zuckerberg had 15 minutes to respond to privacy crisis – he took four days. Read story US added 700,000 new millionaires in 2017. Read […]