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Headlines – February 8/18

  • Wall St falls as investors remain on edge. Read story
  • Bulls vs bears: taking sides on the stock market. Read story
  • Broader cryptocurrency ahead? Depends where you are. Read story
  • 32% of Canadians nearing retirement with no savings: Poll. Reads story
  • If you’re freaking out about the stock market, remember why you invested in the first place. Read story
  • BC and Alberta in trade war over pipeline. Read story
  • Trump’s offshore oil drilling plan draws protest in California. Read story
  • Uranium One informant makes allegations that Russia sent $millions to Clinton foundation. Read story
  • This state has the highest number of millionaires for 7 years running. Read story
  • US body brokers supply the world with human torsos, limbs, and heads. Read story
  • India’s antitrust watchdog fines Google for abusing dominant position. Read story
  • North Korea holds pre-Olympics military show. Read story
  • Sleep deprivation seems to have the opposite effects in healthy and depressed people. Read story
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Headlines – February 7/18

  • More stock market turbulence. Read story
  • Forget the stock market roller-coaster, the sell-off in bonds is what matters. Read story
  • Cryptocurrency price surge: Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum all rising as markets recover. Read story
  • XIV trader: ‘I’ve lost $4 million, 3 years of work and other people’s money. Read story
  • Icahn: The market will one day ‘implore’ because of these wacky funds using so much leverage. Read story
  • Millennials are afraid stocks are too risky, so they are buying bitcoin. Read story
  • Congress seeking bigger budget deal while avoiding government shutdown. Read story
  • Kim Jong-un’s younger sister to attend Winter Olympics as part of North Korea’s delegation. Read story
  • 7 biggest worries that could hammer Tesla’s stock price. Read story
  • Merkel’s conservatives and SPD clinch German coalition deal. Read story
  • Peter Strzok text: Obama ‘wants to know everything ‘ about Hilary Clinton probe. Read story
  • A Houston company dumped cancer causing chemical into drain sewer. Read story
  • SpaceX oddity: how Elon Musk sent a car towards Mars. Read story
  • Trump plans to ‘top’ France’s military parade. Read story
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Dow +567 after wild intra-day swings

After an historical 1,175 tumble on Monday, the Dow rebounded today, closing 567.02 points higher. It wasn’t pretty as at its session low the Dow was down by 567.01 points. From the session low to session high, we saw a range of 1,167.49. The Dow ended the day up 2.33%


The S&P 500 was a similar story, trading up 46.20 pts or 1.74%


After the huge 115% spike in volatility on Monday to a “fearful” reading, sentiment dropped down to just below 30, which suggests investors are still nervous.


Even the extremely oversold Canadian TSX saw a slight reprieve.


Earlier in the day, China reacted to the previous day’s record tumble in North America, with the Shanghai Index closing down 3.35%.


The German market followed China, reacting to the previous North American record low on Monday, with the DAX Index closing 2.32% lower.


The US dollar continued to gain strength.


With US stocks rising, capital moved out of bonds, pushing the yield of the 10-year bond up slightly.


With the US dollar rising, gold pulled back $7.00 to close the session at $1329.50.


As highlighted a number of times in The Trend Letter, early/mid March is a targeted ‘trend turning point”, meaning it is a key timing window which could be the high, setting off a significant pull back or correction; or it could be a key low, setting up a good buying opportunity. As we have seen over the past few days, overreacting to a single day’s big move could have you heading in the wrong direction.

Anyone with a large exposure to stocks must have a strategy for a bigger correction.  Our hedging service Trend Technical Trader (TTT has a number of well positioned trades for just such a move. Our recent offers are still open for those who are not yet subscribers.

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Headlines – February 6/18

  • After opening down 500 pts, the Dow moved up 350, now back negative. Read story
  • European shares tumble in new sell-off. Read story
  • Global sell-off runs to $4 trillion. Read story
  • Bond bears smell blood, others claw for buying opportunities. Read story
  • Cryptocurrency hearing will have SEC, CFTC chiefs trying to juggle allowing innovation with protection against fraud. Read story
  • Bitcoin falls; half its value lost in 2018. Read story
  • China to block foreign websites dedicated to crypto trading. Read story
  • Merkel ready for ‘painful compromises’ with coalition deal in sight. Read story
  • US trade deficit widens to $53.1 billion. Read story
  • US Inspector General poised to reignite war over FBI’s Clinton case. Read story
  • 5 hottest work-from-home jobs that don’t require previous experience. Read story
  • In China, the data your car collects about you is for sale. Read story
  • Justin Trudeau interrupts woman. tells her to say ‘peoplekind.’ Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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Record market sell-off

As we have been anticipating, global markets started to correct last week, and that downturn gained strong momentum in today’s historic sell-off. Fortunately for subscribers to The Trend Letter and Trend Technical Trader (TTT), both services had strategies in place to deal with this correction. In fact, while the Dow saw its biggest single-day decline in history, two of TTT picks had gains of 33%, & 11.37% today!

Below we take a look at how markets performed around the globe today.

First off we check out the VIX Volatility Index and see that after over 15 months of “complacency” (indicated with a reading below 20), the VIX rocketed higher to 38, as investors quickly switched from “complacent” to “fearful” (indicated with a reading over 30).


The Asian markets were the first to open and we saw them all decline, picking up where North American markets left off on Friday. The Japanese Nikkei closed down 2.55% for the day, and 6.4% from its recent high.


Shanghai managed to eek out a .73% gain on strong service numbers.


Europe was next up, and we saw the German DAX index drop .76% for the day and 5.6% since its recent high.


The London FTSE dropped 1.09% for the day.


Jumping back to North America, the Dow Industrials plummeted a stunning 1,175  points, or 4.60%, erasing all of 2018 gains. This was the largest single-day decline in the Dow’s history.


The S&P 500 fared only slightly better, losing 113 points, or 4.10%.


Canada’s TSX Index dropped 1.74% and is now down 6.6% since its recent high. Note that the TSX is now the 4th worst performing index in the world.


With the Dow down over 1,000 points, Gold was not able to gain any momentum as a ‘safe haven’ play. Gold was down slightly for the day, still trying to re-test recent high.


With global markets selling off, the US dollar saw ‘safe haven’ capital flow its way.


With equity markets selling off, ‘safe haven’ capital flowed into US bonds which were paying up to 2.85% yields. US 10-year yields closed down 8 bps to 2.77%.


These are pretty severe moves, so we could see a bounce tomorrow, but expect much volatility through the rest of the week. Watch for mid March are a Key Turning point.

On January 23rd we posted a blog warning that the markets were getting very oversold. We said…

Now because all of these indicators are warning that this market is overbought, it doesn’t mean it cannot keep rising, it just means you need to be prepared for a pullback, or a more severe correction.  You need an exit strategy!  What we are saying is that prices are elevated, as are the risks, as the masses are taking on increased risk. This tells us we need to be prepared for a pull back or a more severe correction.

While The Trend Letter does have some “insurance” plays pending, Trend Technical Trader (TTT) is a hedge service, designed specifically to protect, and even significantly grow your wealth on a market decline.

Good deal – We are offering you TTT at $250 off the regular price of $649.95, now just $399.95. Click here to take advantage of this offer.
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We have re-opened those offers.

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Headlines – February 5/18

  • Stocks resume Friday’s sell-off. Read story
  • US market meltdown spreading across Europe and Asia. Read story
  • Bitcoin falls to fresh 2.5 month low. Read story
  • Oil reaches one-month low. Read story
  • Super Bowl rating slip to 8-year low as Eagles score historic win. Read story
  • Mass riots erupt in Philadelphia as fans celebrate Eagle Super Bowl victory. Read story
  • Super Bowl commercial blackout: NBC denies it cost them millions. Read story
  • Broadcom sweetens deal for Qualcom to more that $121 billion. Read story
  • Wells Fargo says impact from Fed sanctions may reach $400 million. Read story
  • A decade after recession, a jump in US states with wage gains. Read story
  • Samsung heir freed from prison. Read story
  • Can Elon Musk disrupt deep space with world’s most powerful rocket? Read story
  • Can boxed water compete with bottled water? Read story 
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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Headlines – February 2/18

  • Dow Industrials set for 730-point weekly drop, worst weekly drop in 2-years. Read story
  • US adds 200,000 jobs with wage growth fastest in more than 8 years. Read story
  • US 10-year yield jumps to 2.85%, a 4-year high. Read story
  • Bitcoin set for worst week since 2013  as crypto sell-off intensifies. Read story
  • Alibaba sales jump 56% after record Singles Day performance. Read story
  • Honda sees China overtaking US as biggest market. Read story
  • Apple sells fewer phones but profits rise. Read story
  • ‘Google is at Alphabet’s mercy’ – the trouble in Alphabet’s earnings. Read story
  • Trump accuses FBI leadership amid row over memo. Read story
  • Jeff Bezos’ fortune tops $120 billion as Amazon shares surge after hours. Read story
  • NFL advertisers pay record breaking prices even as ratings drop. Read story
  • This year’s Super Bowl commercials may actually surprise you. Read story
  • When Americans save this little, it’s usually a sign that a recession is near. Read story 
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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Headlines – February 1/18

  • US stocks stumble as investors digest corporate earnings. Read story
  • Bitcoin drops below $9,300 as India vows to eliminate their use. Read story
  • US oil production tops 10 million barrels per day for first time since 1970. Read story
  • 10-year US Treasury yield hits 2.75% for first time in three years. Read story
  • FISA FBI memo: 10 questions and answers. Read story
  • DOJ probing why FBI held Clinton emails for weeks before alerting Congress. Read story
  • Apple, Amazon, Alphabet: The race to a trillion dollars. Read story
  • The emerging market for Bitcoin theft insurance. Read story
  • Facebook users drop for the first time. Read story
  • The Amazon chart you may not want to see, but probably should. Read story
  • EBay ditching PayPal for a younger, European partner. Read story
  • Banned Kenyan TV stations win reprieve. Read story
  • Tom Brady’s water habit could kill an ordinary person. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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Headline – January 30/18

  • Dow down 300 points as stock sell-off intensifies. Read story
  • Market euphoria may turn to despair if 10-year yield jumps to 3%. Read story
  • Mortgage rates surge to highest level in 3-years. Read story
  • Wall Street’s ‘fear gauge’ breaks above 14 for first time since August as stocks falter. Read story
  • China directs users to government approved VPN as firewall tightens. Read story
  • Immigrants to be in the spotlight in State of Union. Read story
  • Eurozone growth hits 10-year high in 2017. Read story
  • Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan form healthcare company to reduce costs. Read story
  • Surge in oil prices could derail global economy. Read story
  • US home prices surge to new high, up 6.2% in November. Read story
  • Apple co-founder Wozniak says he doesn’t trust Elon Musk or Telsa anymore. Read story
  • McCabe resigns after FBI Director Wray reviews house FISA  abuse memo. Read story
  • Amid angst over iPhone X, Wall St braces for weak forecast from Apple. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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Headlines – January 29/18

  • Wall St dips at open, Apple weighs. Read story
  • US dollar rebounds, helped by 10-year Treasury yield topping 2.70%. Read story
  • Consumer spending hits 6-year high, as Americans cut savings to 12-year low. Read story
  • These 27 S&P 500 stocks are blowing away the market with gains of 15% or more this month. Read story
  • India issues 7.5% growth forecast. Read story
  • Fitness app Strava gives away loications of secret US army bases. Read story
  • Governments worry that cryptocurrencies could be the ‘next Swiss bank account’. Read story
  • Survey shows sales up for companies, and so are wages. Read story
  • VW under fire for diesel tests on monkeys, humans. Read story
  • Trump administration considering nationalizing super fast 5G network. Read story
  • Keurig to buy Dr Pepper Snapple in $21 billion deal. Read story
  • Bomb threat forces evacuation of upper house of parliament reception in Moscow. Read story
  • Why Canada is the next frontier for shale oil. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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