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Headlines – Jan. 25/17

  • Dow surpasses 20,000 for first time ever. Read story
  • As Trump stresses ‘America first’, China plays world leader. Read story
  • ISIS unveils weaponized drone program in new video. Read story
  • Trump has been great for cable news business. Read story
  • Sales and profits slip at Boeing. Read story
  • Watch for Trump vs Yellen ‘fireworks’ risk to stocks. Read story
  • BlackRock to move $1 trillion to JPMorgan from State Street. Read story
  • Bolt loses 2008 Olympic relay gold in teammate’s doping case. Read story
  • PepsiCo gives its ‘premium’ water a Super Bowl push. Read story
  • The stock market’s ‘fear index’ may have nowhere to go but up. Read story
  • Trump expected to order temporary ban on refugees. Read story
  • China to crack down on ‘cult’ activity. Read story
  • Cisco to buy AppDynamics for $3.7 billion in growth push. Read story
  • Naked restaurant opens in Canary Island. Read story
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Headlines – Jan. 24/17

  • Wall St opens higher as earnings come into focus. Read story
  • Trump to sign orders to approve Keystone & Dakota pipelines. Read story
  • Trump & the bulls look set to rip a hole in oil prices. Read story
  • China orders US to ‘act with caution’ over China South Sea. Read story
  • Why New York Times hid the numbers for the ‘hottest year on record.’ Read story
  • BT European chief to resign over Italian scandal. Read story
  • Senate Democrats to offer Trump $1 trillion infrastructure plan. Read story
  • Britain’s Supreme Court made leaving the EU easier & keeping the UK together harder. Read story
  • Trump keeping Comey as FBI head. Read story
  • Alibaba revenues rise 54%, buoyed by Singles’ Day. Read story
  • EasyJet says lower Pound to cut profits by £105 million in 2017. Read story
  • NFL TV viewership drops 8%. Read story
  • FedEx CEO urges Trump to rethink trade, embrace China. Read story
  • China’s efforts to stem capital outflows starting to  pay off. Read story
  • Bill & Hilary Clinton already mapping a political comeback. Read story
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Trump signs executive orders: Government hiring freeze & Pulls out of TPP

President Trump signed an executive order formally withdrawing the United States from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal on Monday, following through on a promise from his campaign last year. Trump called the TPP order a “great thing for the American worker.”

In an Oval Office ceremony, Trump also signed an order imposing a federal hiring freeze, except for the military, and has vowed to take on the federal bureaucracy and this action could be the first step in an attempt to curtail government employment.

Trump also signed a directive banning U.S. non-governmental organizations receive federal funding from providing abortions abroad.



Headlines – Jan. 23/17

  • Wall St pares losses as Trump meets with company executives. Read story
  • Trump to ‘massively’ cut taxes and red tape. Read story
  • 15 companies that make the most money from the US government. Read story
  • Trump promises business leaders a ‘very major’ border tax. Read story
  • Putin awaits call to President Trump as Russia sees shared goals. Read story
  • McDonald’s US same-store sales fall, rise abroad. Read story
  • Samsung finally explains what caused Note 7 explosions. Read story
  • Japan’s PM says he will keep seeking Trump’s understanding on TPP. Read story
  • The real long-term threat to US jobs is tech not trade deals. Read story
  • The gross reason that you will be paying a lot more for salmon this year. Read story
  • China cracks down on unauthorized internet connections. Read story
  • The incredible first images of earth shot from the most advanced weather satellite. Read story
  • Sweatpants to the rescue: Sportswear is carrying the global apparel industry. Read story
  • Smartphones that can analyze DNA are already here. Read story
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Headlines – Jan.20/17

  • Wall St higher across all sectors ahead of Trump administration. Read story
  • Gold slips, fights for slim weekly gain as dollar tips higher. Read story
  • Oil rises for second day on supply expectations, record China data. Read story
  • Here’s why this bull market will keep going Trump angst or no. Read story
  • Buffet: America ‘will work fine’ under Trump. Read story
  • Obama leaves US $9,335,000,000,000 deeper in debt. Read story
  • Obama’s approval rating from his first day to his last, in charts. Read story
  • China steps up censorship for Trump inauguration. Read story
  • Davos fears economic ‘race to the bottom’, strong dollar. Read story
  • The biggest  threat to your money now? Ignoring the scent of a bear market. Read story
  • Impact of job stealing robots growing concern at Davos. Read story
  • City of Denver giving homeless one-way ticket out of town. Read story
  • Freak heavy snowfall in Sahara desert turns massive sand dunes into sledging paradise. Read story
  • 65 year-old British woman fined £80 for pouring coffee down drain. Read story
  • George Soros: Trump is an impostor. Read story
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Headlines – Jan.18/17

  • Home-builders confidence retreats from highest level in 11 years. Read story
  • Rising US shale output threatens OPEC’s production pact. Read story
  • Davos thinks it runs the world, but populism begs to differ. Read story
  • Russian opposition warning for Trump. Read story
  • Obama frees Manning, but not Snowden. Read story
  • Russia and Turkey ‘in first joint airstrikes against IS’. Read story
  • Donald Trump: “I don’t like tweeting” but have no plan to stop. Read story
  • Amazon patented a highway network that controls self-driving cars  and trucks. Read story
  • The skills your kids should cultivate to be competitive in the age of automation. Read story
  • Nigeria’s central bank warning banks against using Bitcoin. Read story
  • Biden tells Davos: Top 1% ‘not carrying their weight’. Read story
  • Global growth outlook shaky on trade protectionism fears: Poll. Read story
  • A Nobel prize-winning physicist identified three simple steps to mastering any subject. Read story
  • The salary you need to afford a home in these 25 cities. Read story
  •  Carlos Slim to launch Mexican TV channel in the US for Mexicans. Read story
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Headlines – Jan.17/17

  • Wall St opens lower amid Trump, Brexit uncertainty. Read story
  • Trump sends shiver through stock market on ‘too strong’ dollar comment. Read story
  • Xi Jingping rebuked Donal Trump, positioning himself  as champion of globalization. Read story
  • UK PM: We must leave European single market. Read story
  • Former Klan Gran Dragon to Martin Luther King’s daughter: I’m sorry. Read story
  • Airbus CEO sees ‘flying car’ prototype ready by year-end. Read story
  • Wal-Mart to create 10,000 jobs in the US in 2017. Read story
  • As robots take jobs, Europe mulls free money for all. Read story
  • Iran’s Rouhani says talk of renegotiating nuclear deal ‘meaningless.’ Read story
  • These are the world’s most innovative economies. Read story
  • Hyundai to invest $3.1 billion in US plants. Read story
  • GM to invest $1 billion in US manufacturing operations. Read story
  • China’s richest man says rising tension between China & US will affect trade. Read story
  • Google’s ‘moonshot’ projects are crashing to earth. Read story
  • Plans unveiled for world’s first “floating city”. Read story
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Headlines – Jan.16/17

  • Saudis see no need to extend OPEC deal beyond six months. Read story
  • As OPEC cuts, US producers increase their ‘short’ positions on oil. Read story
  • Oil slips and dollar strengthens as investors await OPEC data. Read story
  • Gold breaks 8-week high as traders focus on Trump & Brexit. Read story
  • Beijing will ‘take off gloves’ if Trump continues ‘gambit’ over Taiwan. Read story
  • Pound tumbles on fears of ‘hard Brexit’ ahead of May speech. Read story
  • IMF upgrades US growth view on Trump’s plan. Read story
  • Davos elite promise global solution, but they are part of the problem. Read story
  • Europe’s far-right parties are holding their first ever “counter-summit” in Germany. Read story
  • China to target about 6.5% growth for 2017. Read story
  • Trump threatens German car makers with 35% import tariff. Read story
  • The results are in: Nobody trusts anyone anymore. Read story
  • Trump worries NATO with ‘obsolete’ comment. Read story
  • S.Korea seeks to arrest Samsung chief in corruption probe. Read story
  • Video of northern Canadian mayor wearing a turban and learning Bhangra dance moves is going viral. Read story
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Headlines – Jan.12/16

  • US stocks drop as bond rally sinks bank stocks. Read story
  • Soros lost nearly $1 billion after Trump election. Read story
  • Tillerson sets collision course with Beijing in South China Sea. Read story
  • Six VW executives indicted in emissions-cheating scandal. Read story
  • EPA to accuse Fiat Chrysler of excessive diesel emissions. Read story
  • Four reasons why a leaner & meaner Canadian oils sands is back in the game. Read story
  • Germany’s economy accelerates in 2016. Read story
  • Investors bolt Mexico as Peso enters free-fall zone. Read story
  • Will stocks sell off after Trump takes the oath? Here’s what history shows. Read story
  • US ethics chief slams Trump organization handover plan. Read story
  • Russia says US tanks & troops in Poland a ‘threat.’ Read story
  • Something ‘fishy’ going on in LA sushi restaurants. Read story
  • Survey shows 93% of cops worried for safety. Read story
  • China launches new electronic intelligence naval ship. Read story
  • Amazon to create more than 100,000 full-tine jobs in the US. Read story
  • Istanbul tourism reels after attacks. Read story
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Headlines – Jan. 10/16

  • Nasdaq just had its best start to a year in a decade. Read story
  • US small-business optimism index surges by most since 1980. Read story
  • Ethics concerns swirl around Trump team. Read story
  • Mexico again says there is ‘no way’ it will pay for Trump wall. Read story
  • Pound’s decline deepens, reclaims ‘worst performing’ status. Read story
  • Chicago, New York in worst financial shape among large US cities. Read story
  • Le Pen says all French banks have refused to meet with her. Read story
  • China factory prices rising at fastest pace in 5 years adds to reflation. Read story
  • Europe cold weather death toll rises. Read story
  • Valeant to sell assets of $2.12 billion to ease debt load. Read story
  • Infrastructure delays keeps Canada’s spending lagging behind budget plans. Read story
  • Turkey accuses US of supporting ISIS. Read story
  • Snapchat sets up international HQ in London. Read story
  • Syphilis is making a big comeback in Japan and the government is enlisting Sailor Moon’s help to fight it. Read story
  • LA needs to borrow millions to settle lawsuits. Read story
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