Trend Technical Trader

It used to be that an investor could buy blue chip stocks & simply hold them for life, re-investing the dividends, adding to their wealth. Unfortunately, that Buy & Hold strategy does not work in volatile times like we have experienced over the past 8 years.

To be a successful investor today, you need to have hedging strategies to handle those volatile times. This is exactly what our Trend Technical Trader (TTT) service provides. TTT is a hedging service that allows investors to profit in both up & down markets.

Each investor has their financial objective, which should include their tolerance for risk, their desire to avoid taxes, & their overall performance goals.  Hedging is a form of insurance against those wild swings that we have seen in the markets.

It used to be these hedging strategies were out of reach for all but the most high-net-worth investors &  institutions. But now many of those hedge strategies are accessible to any investor through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Using our proprietary models, TTT triggers Buy & Sell signals in equity, bond, commodity, & precious metal markets. These triggers have proven to be very accurate, allowing subscribers to increase their wealth, even in declining markets.

5 recommendations in the oil sector in 2016 have netted Trend Technical Trader (TTT) subscribers an average return of 36% over an average of 6 months. This week, one of those companies is being bought out, which will provide further gains to subscribers.  TTT has also made terrific calls in equities & the precious metals.

This Year’s Record:

Open positions:

Average +14.5% in 4.25 months including dividends (41% annualized)

Closed positions:

Average +5.9% in 6.8 weeks (+45% annualized)