Headlines – November 10/17

  • Global stocks dip on US tax doubts. Read story
  • In landmark move, China opens up banks, finance sector to foreign control. Read story
  • Xi, Trump offer dueling visions of globalization at Asia Forum. Read story
  • Is the junk bond market getting scary? Read story
  • Saudi Arabia orders citizens out of Lebanon, raising fears of war. Read story
  • Default day looms for cash-strapped Venezuela. Read story
  • Bitcoin slides by $1000 in less than 48 hours. Read story
  • Tesla’s junk bonds are trading under water, and it could spell trouble for Elon Musk. Read story
  • Republican Senate candidate Judge Moore hit by sexual misconduct allegations. Read story
  • Uber loses UK appeal bid to overturn worker’s rights decision. Read story
  • The man who gave us DVR says Roku is the future of TV. Read story
  • The deadly smog over New Dehli is a perfect example of everything that’s wrong with India. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!