Headlines – November 20/17

  • Stocks rebound in short week for US stocks. Read story
  • European markets power on after early German wobble. Read story
  • China’s shadow bank clampdown hits stock market. Read story
  • Canadian dollar dips as oil falls, investors weigh NAFTA talks. Read story
  • A Chinese tech giant just joined Facebook and Amazon in the $500 billion valuation club. Read story
  • Got $1 million to retire? Here’s how long it will last, by state. Read story
  • The reasons Americans give for buying Bitcoin show they have no idea what they are doing. Read story
  • What do China’s police collect on citizens in order to predict crimes? Everything. Read story
  • Cities fight to win key EU agencies from London. Read story
  • Soros says Hungarian government lying in attacks against him. Read story
  • Crime wave engulfs Sweden as fraud, sexual offenses reach record. Read story
  • The worst time of day to make money decisions. Read story
  • Charles Manson dies at 83, after four decades in jail. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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