Headlines – December 8/17

  • US added 228,000 jobs. unemployment rate steady at 17 year low. Read story
  • After dramatic gains, Bitcoin tumbles 20% in 10 hours. Read story
  • UK, EU reach deal on Brexit divorce terms. Read story
  • Here is why stocks will likely be higher in December 2018. Read story
  • California wildfires could mean over $27 billion in damages to homes. Read story
  • The Bitcoin whales: 1,000 people who own 40% of the market. Read story
  • Terrorists building laptop bombs that can be smuggled onto airplanes. Read story
  • White House announces physical exam for Trump after he slurred through speech. Read story
  • Argentine ex-president Fernandez charged with treason. Read story
  • Bitcoin is now breaking through major price barriers every few hours. Read story
  • Venezuela’s chronic shortages give rise to ‘medical flea-markets. Read story
  • The middle class is disappearing, which makes dollar stores very happy. Read story
  • China’s exports growth hits 8-month high, imports defy pollution curbs. Read story
  • In Bel Air, wildfires destroy multi-million dollar homes. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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