Headlines – March 28/18

  • Kim Jong Un’s secret trip to China was full of gourmet food, wine, and music – take a look inside the lavish visit. Read story
  • China says Kim Jong Un has pledged to denuclearize Korea. Read story
  • Gold heads for back-to-back losses as dollar, stocks point higher. Read story
  • Higher Mexican auto wages the centrepiece of major US NAFTA proposal. Read story
  • China preparing list of retaliatory tariffs on US imports. Read story
  • Tesla is just months away from total collapse, says hedge-fund manager. Read story
  • Could the US tech sell-off finally bring stock valuations down to earth? Read story
  • Trump wants to go after Amazon. Read story
  • China just officially approved drone-based package delivery. Read story
  • How the ‘grocerant’ is disrupting the $500 billion food industry. Read story
  • Google’s ‘secret’ smart city on Toronto’s waterfront sparks row. Read story
  • Poll: Majority of Americans not seeing change in paycheck due to tax cuts. Read story
  • SUVs rule the auto industry, but is a peak coming? Read story
  • China using AI and facial recognition to fine jaywalkers via text. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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