Headlines – April 2/18

  • China hammers US goods with tariffs as ‘sparks’ of trade war fly. Read story
  • Tesla bankrupt? Elon Musk cracks jokes after worst month in 7 years. Read story
  • Apple, Nike, and 18 other US companies have $150 billion at stake in China trade war. Read story
  • Sachs, Lord & Taylor breach: Data stolen on 5 million cards. Read story
  • The Kremlin clams Trump invited Putin to White House. Read story
  • Amazon shares fall 3% as Trump renews attack. Read story
  • Zuckerberg slams Apple CEO Cook’s comments on Facebook as ‘extremely glib’. Read story
  • French rail strike to test Macron. Read story
  • Fiery Chinese space station crashes into Pacific Ocean. Read story
  • Canada risks sending tech sector to ‘race to the bottom’: Jim Balsille. Read story
  • London murder rate higher than NYC for first time after 12 killings in just 19 days. Read story
  • India’s biggest renewable energy deal has been sealed.Read story
  • Israel scraps African migrant deportation plan. Read story
  • How to retire without money. Read story
  • Heavy rains in Kenya reveal a crack that shows Africa will split into two continents. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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