Headlines – April 11/18

  • Trump warns Russia to ‘get ready’ for ‘nice, new, and smart’ missiles. Read story
  • Global stocks shaky as Syria tensions pound Russia’s Ruble. Read story
  • White House says Trump has power to fire Mueller. Read story
  • Hopes high for earnings season – and that could prove dangerous. Read story
  • Oil hits highest level since 2014 on Syria missile tensions. Read story
  • All of this volatility is following one bear’s script for a 60% tumble in the stock market. Read story
  • Facebook developing AI to censor speech, but cannot define ‘hate’. Read story
  • Zuckerberg deflects senator’s Facebook questions, walks out of hearing $3 billion richer. Read story
  • Orwellian California bill proposes ‘state sanctioned fact checkers’ to approve online content. Read story
  • IMF’s Lagarde warns global trading system risks ‘being torn apart’. Read story
  • Alberta prepared to buy Trans Mountain project outright. Read story
  • Iran scrambles to halt Rial’s slide amid threat of US sanctions. Read story
  • Milllennials reveal their top 100 favourite brands. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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