Headlines – November 15/17

  • Dow sinks 150 points, threatens 3-week low as global markets slump. Read story
  • Airbus seals massive $49.5 bln order for 430 aircraft. Read story
  • NAFTA talks resume as US warns ‘short fuse’ risks burning down. Read story
  • Zimbabwe’s military seizes power, detains Mugabe. Read story
  • Japan’s economy posts the longest growth streak since 2001. Read story
  • Venezuela goes bust. Read story
  • October pick up in CPI gives green light for Fed rate hike. Read story
  • Another slump for European stocks. Read story
  • Cannabis grower Aurora proposes industry’s largest takeover. Read story
  • Household debt rises by $116 billion as credit card delinquencies pile up. Read story
  • Tesla says it will fight lawsuit claiming racial discrimination. Read story
  • Half of over 65s take at least five drugs a day. Read story
  • China urged to stop electroshock therapy to ‘convert’ gays. Read story
  • Doctors are attempting the first case of gene editing inside the body of a living human. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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