Headlines – January 5/18

  • All Macs. iPhones, and iPads affected by chip flaw. Read story
  • Marijuana stocks slammed for second straight day. Read story
  • FBI launches new investigation into Clinton Foundation. Read story
  • Ten cryptocurrency predictions for 2018. Read story
  • Trump book author contradicts president, says he interviewed him. Read story
  • Philip Morris says it’s quitting cigarettes. Read story
  • North Korea agrees to talks after US and South Korea postpone military drills. Read story
  • Virtual currency boom throws world’s richest list into disarray. Read story
  • Global debt hits record $233 trillion. Read story
  • US debt deficit swells to largest since January 2002. Read story
  • We should raise AIs like parents, not programmers – or they’ll turn into terrible toddlers. Read story
  • Baltimore: Fed up business owners hire private security guards to patrol streets. Read story
  • How Zuckerberg might improve Facebook in 2018. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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