5G – the new era for mobile

As stated in our last update, we are increasing our scope to include discussion of new technologies, and those companies that benefit directly and indirectly from them.  We will cover blockchain projects, and other projects and companies that are involved with today’s game changing technologies.

One of those game changers is 5G – the 5th generation of mobile communication networks, and it looks to be revolutionary.  More than all previous network upgrades, 5G will take us to a completely NEW era in mobile technology.  New phones will be needed in order to use 5G, and here’s what’s in store:

  • more data and higher download speeds – 100 times faster than 4G
  • reliance on cloud storage, reducing the need for and use of internal memory
  • pervasive connectivity, to access the cloud from everywhere
  • latency improvements resulting in 30x the responsiveness of 4G, reducing the need for memory buffers (RAM).

Given that hardware memory needs are reduced significantly, the pricing model for 5G phones could change from being based on hardware memory needs, to being based on cloud memory needs.  The speed improvements alone should tempt us dramatically, and may lead to everyone buying new 5G phones.

We note that several companies are poised to benefit from new technologies like blockchain and 5G, as they are providers and developers of the enabling hardware, software, and firmware.  There is even more technology expansion on the horizon, and we will be zeroing in on the companies that are in the best positions to harness all this activity and innovation, generating potential great returns for investors.  We will include discussion of more emerging and expanding technologies in future editions of Crypto Trend.

Let Crypto Trend be your guide to successful investing in today’s world, where the speed of change continues to accelerate, being made possible by new and exciting technologies.

Crypto update

Another wild day in the world of crypto currencies as Coincheck, one of Japan’s largest crypto currency exchanges, was hacked and had 526 million of the crypto currency XEM ($400 m) stolen, Lon Wong, President of the Foundation stated.

“As far as NEM is concerned, tech is intact. We are not forking. Also, we would advise all exchanges to make use of our multi-signature smart contract which is among the best in the landscape. Coincheck didn’t use them and that’s why they could have been hacked. They were very relaxed with their security measures,” Wong said.

Coincheck is looking into compensating its customers, its executives announced.

Just a note that even with all this volatility, the average return for our 5 recommendations is still 62% at the time of this writing.

As we have constantly stated, the crypto currencies are very volatile, and although they can produce massive gains, many of them may be worthless in the years ahead, much like most internet start-ups no longer exist today.

What today’s story highlights is that not all exchanges are the same, and if they do not use all the tools that blockchain provides, they are vulnerable to these kinds of attacks.

It is why we believe it is the underlying blockchain infrastructure and applications that will give subscribers to Crypto Trend Premium the best long-term gains.  Our team is actively analyzing dozens of companies, looking to identify the ones that we believe could be real winners in this game changing technology. Announcements of new recommendations will be sent out to subscribers soon.

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Stay tuned!

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