Headlines – February 14/18

  • Wall St reverses course to trade higher. Read story
  • Consumer prices jump more than forecast, sparking inflation fears. Read story
  • OPEC will be forced to play ‘second fiddle’ to the US in 2018. Read story
  • More fund managers now see danger ahead for the economy than at any time in the last decade. Read story
  • Trump lawyer admits paying porn star. Read story
  • Advertisers tuning out TV in sign of trouble for media companies. Read story
  • How a volatility investor made 6,000% while everyone else lost $2 billion. Read story
  • Credit Suisse CEO defends enabling volatility bets with XIV: ‘It worked well…until it didn’t’. Read story
  • Canadian Securities exchange launching blockchain-based clearing house challenging TMX. Read story
  • An Indian bank just uncovered $1.7 billion fraud at a single branch. Read story
  • Wall-Mart goes to cloud to close gap with Amazon. Read story
  • SA’s Zuma: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’, sees no reason to step down. Read story
  • Photographer captures an impossible photo of a single atom. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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