Headlines – February 22/18

  • Wall St opens higher as tech stocks rise. Read story
  • US jobless claims drop to 45-year low. Read story
  • 1 in 5 Americans have more credit card debt than savings. Read story
  • Ford’s head of US operations is leaving over ‘inappropriate behaviour.’ Read story
  • Trump: Armed teachers could stop attacks. Read story
  • Parkland student: CNN gave me ‘scripted’ question on guns. Read story
  • Veteran of $22 billion bond fund spots the ‘No.1 opportunity.’ Read story
  • Iran may withdraw from nuclear deal if banks continue to stay away. Read story
  • North Korea is sending suspected mastermind of deadly attacks on South to the Olympics. Read story
  • Trudeau ridiculed for his ‘fake, tacky, and annoying’ wardrobe of traditional Indian outfits. Read story
  • December no longer peak shopping season? Canadian retail sales slip for the month. Read story
  • More UK KFC outlets open as chicken chaos eases. Read story
  • A Bulgarian scheme scammed Spotify for $1 million – without breaking a single law. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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