Headlines – April 10/18

  • Chinese president Xi moved to ease concerns about global trade  – and financial markets love it. Read story
  • Trump to skip South American summit to focus on Syria. Read story
  • Trump pledges ‘forceful’ response to Syria chemical attack. Read story
  • Russia says it warned US of ‘grave repercussions’ if Syria attacked. Read story
  • FBI raids offices, home of Trump’s personal lawyer. Read story
  • Feds treating Cohen like he is a mob lawyer, say seasoned lawyers. Read story
  • US federal debt is primed to explode. Read story
  • What to expect from Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony. Read story
  • Canada’s reputation in ‘tatters’ over Trans Mountain pipeline: Ex-Encana CEO. Read story
  • Cryptocurrency miners seek cheap energy in Norway and Sweden. Read story
  • The Internet’s worst-case scenario finally happened in real life: An entire country was taken offline, and no one knows why. Read story
  • Ex-Russian spy’s daughter leaves hospital. Read story
  • Online global threat game shuts down schools: Police. Read story
  • On the lighter side. Check it out!

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